Steam Engines Steam Engines Philcraft Jenny Wren One of the smallest engines in my collection. 106394314 Philcraft Lilliput The Horizontal version of the Jenny Wren which shares a lot of the same parts. 106394316 Peake Major A large vertical oscillator. 106394317 Peake Minor The smallest engine in Ben's range. 106396790 Wilesco D365 This was the engine that started it all way back in 2003. 106396791 Pop Pop Boats My collection of pop pop boats, they are the best value steam engines out there and are a lot of fun. 106396792 Peake No1 Ben's latest engine which is a limited edition of 20 engines. 106397199 KMV Locomobile This engine is special to me as it is custom made and has a different colour scheme to the stock engine. 106419244 Wolfgang 'noisemaker' Turbine This steam turbine from the USA always makes me smile when i spool it up. 106419245 KMV Engine House My KMV Engine House which is an unusual design. 106531104 Philcraft Beam Engine Plant Probably the smallest beam engine in the world. Precision piece of engineeering. 109180167 Peake No 2 Ben's second engine made from castings. 114516453 Philcraft Custom Jenny Wren A customised version of the Jenny Wren that features exhaust to flue and boiler cladding aswell as a chemically painted firebox. 115801031 Liney Thimble & Rocker Engine Made for me by a talented machinist in the US. 122070905 Philcraft Marine Engine My v-twin marine engine by Philcraft. 132361446 MF Twin My MF Twin #50. 124246972 Philcraft Engines Group Shot My complete collection of Philcraft engines. 132439346 Mamod TE1a 'Randy' Named after one of the characters in the 'Faux Pas' webcomic. 137825214 Cotswold Heritage Perseus Steam Plant The crown jewel of my collection! 126990730 Vulpine Triple My one off engine designed and built by Ben Peake in Australia. 143357878 Rocker Engine Made in the UK. 134034027 Vulpine Triple View of the radial cylinders. 143357879 Jensen 60 Made in the U.S.A 134584421 Mamod Showman's Engine 'Cindy' Named after one of the characters in the 'Faux Pas' webcomic. 137825412 Jensen 75 The largest hobby line Jensen. 144296351 Tripod Steam Plant Made for me by a talented U.S machinist. 144296352 Miniatures A lineup of all my miniature engines. 144411907 Wolfgang 'Pelton Mini' Turbine Made in the USA. 155384944 Mamod SW1 'Myrtle' Named after one of the characters in the 'Faux Pas' webcomic. 148145503 Peake No3 Faeturing the unusual 'Sun & Planet' gear instead of the normal crank. 149809897 Peake Engines Group Shot My current lineup of Ben Peake engines. 149960587 Peake nano Currently the smallest engine Ben has made. 149809898 Jensen 65 The mid sized engine in Jensen's lineup. 150653577 Peake V2 The first multi cylinder engine Ben has released for general sale. 155808741 Cotswold Heritage Cirrus Steam Plant The other crown jewel of my collection! 167420370 Jensen 85 The smallest engine that Jensen make. 156019386 Jensen Dry Fuel Fired Models My complete lineup of Jensen dry fuel fired models + Model #15 generator. 156778485 Reeves Popular A double acting single cylinder oscillating engine. 181058223 Stuart 10V With added drain cocks, displacement lubricator & pulley. 181249106 Mamod SE2 Restored by the: 181335370 Stuart 'S.T' Oscillator The smallest engine in the Stuart range. 181935248 Wilesco D16 Wilesco's mid range stationary engine. 198992146 Stuart S50 Mill Engine This is the newer version of the S50 that has a cast iron cylinder/ valve chest, the older versions were gunmetal. 187817683 PM Research #3 Mill Engine My first engine built from a machined kit. 189310560 Wilesco D6 One of the smallest engines in the Wilesco range. 199205225 Stuart Progress OH1 The reintroduced 1930's classic, like the S50 it features a cast iron cylinder rather than gunmetal of the originals. 191360385 PM Research #6CI The largest engine in my collection. 201116152 Mamod SR1a The classic Mamod steam roller. 201263967