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Swift Fox Steam Co


Q: What's with the Swift Fox bit?

A: There is actually a species of fox with that name(Vulpes velox ) and is my favourite of the species along with the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes ).

Q: Why Foxes?

A: I get asked this one a lot. There are a few things i admire about them, firstly foxes are one of the most widespread and successful mammals on the planet and are very adaptable to the enviroments that they inhabit. Secondly foxes have a reputation for being cunning and resourceful and have also featured in many stories and folklore from all around the world. I could go on and on but the short answer is that i just like foxes very much.

Q: Can you recommend any good books on foxes?

A: Please see my new page entitled books, i also plan to list books related to steam engines too.

Q: Moving onto steam, how did you get interested in them?

A: Well, i've always liked steam engines as a child and it is only recently that i got into collecting toy/model engines after discovering that they were still being made and i bought my first engine in 2003. i just think there is something special about these engines that tingles the senses with the smell/sound and sight of them in action and the enjoyment they bring.

Q: I'm thinking of starting out in model steam, are there any models you can recommend?

A: Well that is a tough question as it all boils (pun intended) down to personal taste, there is a mindblowing selection of different makes and models and my collection that you see here is just the tip of the iceberg, like with any hobby you can make as cheap or as expensive as you want. For example the cheap route would be to get a secondhand engine off ebay or the more expensive route would be to buy a brand new model, in my short experiance of collecting i've found the new mass produced stuff isn't as well made as the older models, there are exceptions however. The best advice i could give would be to join a forum as they are a great source of collective knowledge.

Q: I have a steam engine and i want to know how to operate it?

A: If you see my new page called Fuel, Oil & Water that covers the three basic things that you will need to make your engine go, however every engine is different when it comes to operating it. Roly Williams does an excellent book for beginners called Live Steam Toys : A Users Guide, more details can be found on his website which is on my links page.

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