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Swift Fox Steam Co


My YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel where you can see most of my engines working.


One of my favourite destinations on the web, Faux Pas is an online webcomic by the very talented Carspeckens. They also have a great info page on foxes and some wonderful foxy merchandise for sale.

A website run by Marc Baldwin which has a fantastic red fox page as well as other pages on british wildlife. I have been very fortunate to have several of my photos featured on the homepage by Marc from time to time and his site is well worth a visit.

Another nice fox webcomic by Michael Russell & Laura Howell, also features some nice artwork by many talented artists and lots of info pages.

A great informative site run by Bristol University.

A great informative site run by Bristol University.

Another nice site about foxes.

A great website with some stunning photography of foxes and a fantastic blog which is worth checking out.

Another great fox website with some stunning photography and another fantastic blog.

Charity that rescues foxes and provides treatment for Sarcoptic Mange.

Charity that rescues foxes and provides treatment for Sarcoptic Mange.

Organisation based in Derbyshire that rescues foxes and offers treatment for Sarcoptic mange.

Informative websites/Steam fairs/Museums

A very friendly and helpful forum dedicated to steam engines from all corners of the globe.

The place to go for engine identification and information on a wide variety of marques and makers from around the world.

Britain's premier toy steam event.

Held in Nottingham to raise funds for the local Rainbows Hospice.

A great page from the Science Museum in London showing various different steam engine designs and how they work inside.

Based in Leicester, houses four working beam engines in the same engine house, also has a narrow gauge railway and vintage vehicles.

A highly ornate pumping station in Nottingham, well worth a visit when it is in steam, also recommended is the 1879 underground reservoir tour.

Based in Burton on Trent, has four beam engines (two are fully restored in working order) in separate engine houses, also has a large collection of stationary steam engines on site.

Manufacturers Websites

The original maker of live steam models in england.

German maker of live steam models and one of the largest in the world.

American maker of live steam models.

Maker of fine steam models based in Guernsey.

A nice lineup of detailed models from this maker in England.

Australian maker of live steam engines.

Australian maker of live steam engines.

Home of the MF Twin limited edition, this individual also makes high quality spare parts for vintage engines.

A individual maker of steam engines in Germany.

Probably the finest model generator for your model engines, Peter puts out a very good product overall.

Individual maker of fine Stirling and Vacuum engines in Germany.

German maker of high quality Stirling engines.

German maker of high quality Stirling engines.

Another German maker of Stirling engines.

U.S based maker that produces high quality steam turbines.


Sells a wide range of steam and hot air engines from different manufacturers.

Will provides an excellent service and is my first stop for spare parts.

Best source on the web for these charming little boats, most of my pop pops have been bought from here.

Stock a wide range of spare parts for both Mamod & Wilesco engines.

Sell enhancements for Mamod engines as well as the official supplier of the Fred Dibnah Memorial range.

A great selection of quality fittings for model steam engines/boilers.

Collector's Pages

A great site run by fellow enthusiast Roger who has a magnificent collection and has been the inspiration for some of my recent purchases. Highly recommended.

A great site run by Odilon Marcenaro, well worth a good look around at some great engines.

Paul has a nice collection of engines and a great selection of mobiles.

An amazing collection of engines in a nicely presented format.

A great site by Les Marsh showcasing his impressive collection of engines from a wide variety of makers.

A great little website that has some nicely presented engines.

A great site with some fantastic 'Mamodifications'.

A great site by Ross Martin with some impressive homebuilds amongst other things.

Well worth a look with some beautiful engines and well made videos of them in action.

Another nice website from a collector in the US, some great engines from a variety of makers.

A great collection of Mamod and other british engines.

Nice selection of Bowmans & others.

Steve has a nice site showcasing some of his engines and is the home of the worldy LS LOC Traction Engine 'steamie'.

An amazing array of converted steam engines into mindbowing contraptions. Well worth a look if you like something a bit different.

A nice site by Klaus with some great examples from different marques. Also has the great Wilesco booklet for download which is well worth a read.

A nice website by Allan Dake that has some beautiful examples of various engines.

Website of a very talented US Machinist who has built several small engines for me.

A nice selection of engines from this collector including some very rare Wilesco models.